Thursday, January 17, 2008

How to make PowerPoints smaller (optimization!)

At least once in the lifetime of every Moodler, the question arises... "how do I (or my students) make a PowerPoint which isn't too big?"

The answer is here ( I've been putting a link to it in every Moodle course I make, but maybe that's just not enough! Maybe I need to blog about it. *hums to self 'we didn't start the fire' and thinks of this YouTube clip - Blog, blog, blog it all about 1:23 into it*

...but it's not the only answer. You, as a teacher, can also (if you feel like sharing) upload your PowerPoint to Slideshare and make a supercool widget like the one below. Teachers who want to use this may find a need to propose Slideshare as a respectable site worth unblocking. So since we have those Internet filtering issues, we can always rely on the answer above (using the good old picture toolbar).

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