Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Reaching out to the middle school educators in New Mexico

I received this on email; seems like a very relevant post for this group.

Subject: **Special Announcement: PALMS seeking new Outreach Leader schools**

Dear Colleague:

The PALMS (Postsecondary Access for Latino Middle-Grades Students)
project is sending out a special announcement to members of our mailing
list and to individuals who registered to receive a copy of Tools for
Latino Family Outreach.

We are offering interested middle and high schools the opportunity to
join the PALMS Outreach Leaders Network for the 2008-2009 academic year.
The Outreach Leaders Network is a community of practitioners dedicated
to helping Latino students pursue education beyond high school. Members
of the network use the PALMS Tools for Latino Family Outreach to create
school-based programs focused on this mission. For a modest fee,
Outreach Leaders receive a six-week online course, a summer training
workshop, five telephone coaching sessions, a Starter Kit of materials,
and access to a members-only Online Resource Center.

Adaptable to any local setting, Tools for Latino Family Outreach have
helped create or strengthen programs in communities as diverse as
Montevallo, AL; Northwest Arkansas; Castro Valley, CA; Loveland, CO;
Chicago; Reno, NV; and Westchester County, New York. They provide a
framework through which to organize existing and future efforts to reach
Latino families and students. To download application and informational
materials, please visit http://www.palmsproject.net/tools/network.htm.
Schools applying from the same district may be eligible for a 10 percent
discount. Applications are due April 25, 2008.

We hope many of you will benefit from this opportunity in the coming
school year.

Best wishes,

PALMS Project Staff

Education Development Center, Inc.

55 Chapel Street, Newton, MA 02458

Telephone: 617.618.2608

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